Board of directors

The Board of Directors – in addition to the powers it is granted with by law and by the new By-laws – shall have exclusive competence over the most important decisions from an economic and strategic profile and in terms of structural incidence on the management, as well as over the decisions functional to the monitoring and direction of the Company and of the Group.

Executive Chairman - Nicola Piovan (***)
Chief Executive Officer - Filippo Zuppichin
Director - Marco Stevanato
Independent Director - Marco Maria Fumagalli (*) (**)
Independent Director - Lucia Giancaspro (*)
Independent Director - Marco Milani (*)
Independent Director - Chiara Mio (*)
(*) Independent Director pursuant to Article 147-ter, comma 4 of the Consolidated Financial Act and Article 3 of the Corporate Governance Code.
(**) Lead independent director pursuant to Article 2.C.4 of the Corporate Governance Code.
(***) The Chairman Nicola Piovan previously acted as sole director or member of the Board of Directors of the Company since January 1, 1996.
Board of statutory auditors

The Board of Statutory Auditors comprises three statutory auditors and two alternate auditors. The following table sets forth the members of the Board of statutory auditors and their respective titles.

Chairman - Carmen Pezzuto
Statutory auditor - Luca Bassan
Statutory auditor - Patrizia Santonocito
Alternate auditor - Kristian Sartor
Alternate auditor - Stefania Targa
Auditing firm

Deloitte & Touche S.p.A. is the audit firm engaged for the statutory audit, it is based in Milan, Via Tortona 25 and it is registered at n° 132587 of the Chartered Accountants’ Register (Registro dei Revisori Legali), according to article 2 of D.L. n. 39/2010.

Nomination and Compensation Committee
Chairman - Lucia Giancaspro
Member - Marco Maria Fumagalli
Member - Chiara Mio
Control, risk and sustainability committee
Chairman - Chiara Mio
Member - Marco Maria Fumagalli
Member - Marco Milani
Related Parties committee
Chairman - Marco Maria Fumagalli
Member - Lucia Giancaspro
Member - Marco Milani
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